Cold Rolling

(QUARTO) / 4 Rollers - Kaltwalzwerk (German)

Cold Rolling

1.50 - 4.00 mm. hot rolled coils in thicknesses,

0,20 -4,00 mm cold rolled production line.

In this type of rollers with 4 rollers, by bending the work rolls, high thickness sensitivity

(± 0,01) and surface smoothness can be achieved.

In this way, we provide price advantage to our competitors, both in raw material sales and in parts production.

Thickness measurement; With the laser measurement technology, the roll is measured and kept under control and controlled until the beginning and end of the machine.


Production Capacity: 5000 tons / Year

Output thickness of sheet that can be produced: 0,20 - 4,00 mm

Production speed: 300 m / Min.


Line Equipment

  • Automatic Thickness Control: It is the system that controls the sheet thickness distribution with Automatic Laser Measurement.
  • Flatness meter: It is the device that helps to eliminate the wave by applying the required load distribution by monitoring the sheet flatness.
  • Electrostatic Lubrication: It is a system that lubricates the hair surface for protection against corrosion. Elongation Control: It is the equipment that controls the elongation in the sheet that takes place during the process.