Quality Policy

Quality Policy
Ensuring sustainable customer satisfaction is at the top of our quality policy.
  • The product and / or service requested from our company; To communicate effectively with customers, to deliver on time, in the desired quality and to protect the company profitability,
  • To ensure mutual trust and respect with respect to objectivity, impartiality, confidentiality and security principles in customer and supplier relations,
  • Adopting ISO-9001 QMS standard requirements and continuous improvement to all our employees, ensuring the continuity of practices with the participation of our employees.
  • To carry out studies in compliance with legal regulations and standards, to ensure the efficiency of processes by evaluating risks and opportunities.
  • To prioritize the satisfaction of our employees, to increase their competencies through continuous training and supportive programs.
  • Being open to research and development, Following and applying technology,
  • Protecting the environment and using resources in the most efficient way.
  • To ensure that product safety is under control.