Electro Galvanized

Electro galvanized, coating of the day and the future.

Electro galvanization is a different process than hot dip galvanizing. In general, electro galvanizing, which addresses the technology of the day and the future, makes a highly recyclable product coating with little waste. This galvanizing method used as a system meets all the needs of the day. This method, which is effective on the global industry, accepts the environmental responsibility. At this point, it is very important that zinc is a recyclable substance. With the zinc used in the electro galvanization method, the pollution or waste event that may occur in the environment is minimized and the environment is protected.

The rate of protection of electro-galvanized surfaces against impacts is quite high. Resistance to minor scratches in materials covered with this method is a very common occurrence. The material can even repair itself against these minor scratches and the scratch will disappear. While such protection is not possible in other methods, it is possible with electro galvanized coating. Zinc forms a chemical bond with the coated material, forming an alloy on the surface of the material. This alloy makes the materials more resistant to impacts.

Electro galvanization is a very good method in terms of protection and maintenance. It does not require frequent maintenance while protecting against all kinds of impacts. This method, which draws attention as it is a very preferred method, also has disadvantages.

1. It is not possible to repair or repair materials coated with electro galvanized. The parts are galvanized again after modification.

2. Electro galvanization processes are more expensive than hot dipped processes. For this reason, logistics problems may occur in the method.

3. Materials should be galvanized one by one and assembled. It is not a healthy situation to make galvanization after its assembly.